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Real Estate Transactions, Litigation And Related Legal Issues

At Page, Mannino, Peresich & McDermott, we are proud of our long history and strong reputation in real estate law in and around Biloxi, Mississippi. We consider our real estate practice to be a valuable contribution to our communities. Helping people buy, sell and lease homes and business properties is a never-ending, and very important, function of a society that works.

Since 1971, the firm that is now known as Page, Mannino, Peresich & McDermott has provided essential services that allow real estate transactions to occur successfully. We have also helped many property owners and parties in buy-sell or leasing agreements to resolve conflicts that might have otherwise stood in their way.

What We Can Do For You – The Buyer Or Seller, Landlord Or Tenant

Depending on your position in a real estate deal, we will provide the direction you need related to any of the following transactions:

  • The purchase or sale of a home
  • The purchase or sale of a commercial property
  • The drafting, negotiation or formalization of a residential or commercial lease
  • The drafting, negotiation and formalization of real estate contracts, easement agreements, leases, and other real estate related documents
  • Real estate financing, including the refinancing of existing loans, construction financing, permanent financing, and owner financing
  • Representation of lending institutions in commercial financing transactions
  • The subdivision of a piece of land
  • The merger or consolidation of separate lots
  • The conveyance or retitling of real estate through inheritance, gifting or divorce

Our real estate attorneys and staff can also help you resolve difficulties related to your home or business property, such as:

  • A title defect resulting in the need for a quiet title action
  • An adverse possession claim
  • A boundary dispute
  • An easement conflict
  • A purchase or lease deal that is stalled for any reason
  • Foreclosure, eminent domain seizure, tax levy or eviction
  • A commercial landlord-tenant dispute over property usage or other terms in the lease

Our real estate team can assist you through the closing of a property that you are selling, buying, or refinancing. As agents for First American Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Insurance Company, and Security Title and Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore, we can issue all types of title insurance policies and assist with all title insurance related issues.

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