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A number of attorneys at Page, Mannino, Peresich & McDermott have worked as defense counsel for insurance companies throughout Mississippi and the southeastern United States. Others have represented defendants in complex litigation. With an inside understanding of both sides of civil litigation, our lawyers provide effective support for insurers and defendants in damage claims and lawsuits.

You may be a liable party in a car accident or the owner of a medical clinic that has been sued or is likely to be sued for any reason. This can be frightening, but with experienced insurance defense attorneys at work on your case, the threat can be minimized or mitigated. You or your insurer can contact our firm to learn how we can protect you from unreasonable losses.

Examples Of Insurance Defense Methods And Strategies

Every case is unique, so the examples discussed here should be taken just as samples. To get your own insurance defense questions answered in an individualized way, get in touch with us.

You (a defendant in a lawsuit or a representative of an insurance company) may be able to stop a lawsuit or claim from gaining traction through a review of policy terms. You may be able to show that the person who claims they deserve a payout of insurance benefits is not eligible or that the policy is no longer in force.

Even if someone should receive benefits after a covered loss, you may be able to contain the costs. For example, after a hurricane has destroyed a roof or someone has been injured due to medical malpractice, you can take steps to keep replacement costs or treatment costs from escalating beyond the realm of what is reasonable.

The descriptions above are illustrative only. To discuss your current insurance defense needs with a knowledgeable attorney, contact Page, Mannino, Peresich & McDermott. Learn about our strong track record on behalf of insurers and liable policyholders for more than 50 years.

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