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Whether you are planning to start a business, expand one or defend your business in a lawsuit, you want truly professional and knowledgeable lawyers on your side. There is too much at stake to try to solve legal issues on your own or work with an inexperienced lawyer. With Page, Mannino, Peresich & McDermott, PLLC as your source of advice, you can have confidence that your business moves are heading in the right direction.

Our Biloxi-based law firm has many strong points to attract business owners and other decision-makers in need of legal solutions. With a 50-plus-year history in this area, we have a remarkable track record as well as a thriving practice. For business formation, transactions or litigation, our Mississippi business lawyers are ready to help you come out ahead.

Tried And True Advice That Can Guide Your Business Operations

Perhaps you are already doing business informally and you realize that it is time to give your operations a solid legal foundation. Our business formation attorneys can help you:

  • Select the most appropriate entity: a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC) or an S corporation (S corp)
  • Register your business with appropriate government agencies
  • Establish record-keeping to prevent violations of laws or regulations
  • Establish protocols, such as shareholder meetings, to stay compliant with laws and regulations governing your type of business
  • Prepare governing documents, such as operating agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements, and shareholder agreements

In our five-plus decades of practice in Mississippi, we have helped many businesses get off the ground. We have also facilitated joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions.

For an existing business, we can assist with critical issues such as:

  • Contract drafting, negotiating and formalizing
  • Resolution of misunderstandings between partners or among leaders and shareholders
  • Responses to challenges such as audits, business operations
  • Plans for expansion or reorganization
  • Commercial real estate leases, purchases and sales
  • Commercial transactions of every nature, including the sale of your business entity or assets
  • Commercial financing

In case disputes threaten to become serious, our attorneys can represent you in:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Partnership disputes that may thwart your business goals
  • Government challenges, such as eminent domain, that could lead to dislocation or other disruptions

Let us know what business moves are on your agenda and we will help you strategize the legal side of things.

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Among our robust roster of business law attorneys, we have a number of lawyers with past business careers and/or experience doing in-house counsel for commercial entities of all sizes. We have acted as outsourced in-house counsel for medium-sized businesses that lacked their own attorneys on staff. How can we help you achieve your goals or resolve your challenges?

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